Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Humor: How to use a dual screen setup

The image speaks for itself:

While it is humorous to those of us that constantly use dual screens at home and at work, it also shows that some user education/training is necessary.   Every time I upgraded a user to a dual screen setup, I spent more than just a minute or two explaining, many times it was a 15-30min training session going over their specific job tasks and how to manage them differently with dual screens.

And to leave you with a tip, this article from ComputerWorld offers 6 ways to use multiple displays with your laptop with a few of them being quite creative.

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Pikesmom said...

Dual screen is neat, tho I'm not convinced how necessary it is. I used it for the 7 week contract I had at Alta Systems the end of 2010. Used to have debugging screen on one monitor and user apps on the oher. Documents that cross from one screen to the other can get very confusing tho.