Monday, April 23, 2012

Mac Malware - More Threats

F-secure has a great article  that goes over the new threats that have popped up recently and have been overshadowed by all of the Flashback news.

Included in this article is information on more malware exploiting Microsoft Office for Mac vulnerabilities going back to Mac Office 2005 & 2008 in combination with the Java vulnerability used in the Flashback malware. This new malware is called SabPub.   

Please make sure you have the latest service packs installed by using the Microsoft Office updater application that was installed as part of the Office Suite itself.

Earlier in April, Microsoft released Service Pack 2 for Mac Office 2011 which takes the version number up to 14.2.0.   This service pack not only fixes vulnerabilities, it fixes a large number of issues with Outlook that will result in a generally more stable connection with Exchange.   But there have been a number of problems with this update and Microsoft has removed the update until it can resolve the problems and re-issue the update.

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